Online Games

A strong customer relation tool for your website is to offer online games with highscore function. The users of your website enjoy their visit and try their best to gain a good score. Additionally prices can be given out to the best players with the highest score ranking.

Another strong side effect results from users inviting their friends and family to compete with them on these games.

We offer attractive monthly rental fees for the integration of online games. Thus you do not need to invest high initial costs.



Webnova Games-Examples


Racing enthusiasts can now proof their talent. Thanks to the ingenious F1 FUN Racer flashgame you can drive laps as Vettel or Schumi and even you can become a champion.
Recommended Hardware: 1 GHz PC or up.
On slower machines all other browser windows or programs should be closed.

Wuzzz in cockaigne

Wuzzz has a giant appetite and you can help him on getting satisfied. This time though it is not  'All You Can Eat' - some things in Wuzzz' cockaigne are hard to digest - books, stones and fly agarics are not that delicious and mean point reduction ... For anything else the motto is: Catch and eat!

Sector 7

Science fiction fans will love this game! Your spaceship "Battleship KL 2" is flying through the enemy territory of the Gregorians when out of a sudden you are attacked. Your only way to survive this mission is to avoid collisions and shoot down your attackers. As captain of "Battleship KL 2" it is up to you now to save your crew...


Happy Hour

Ever thought about becoming a a barkeeper? Here you may try your luck already. Your task is to serve your customers with enough beer. They are very thirsty and repeatedly come by your bar to get adequate supply. Being a good barkeeper you have to make sure your customers won't wait for too long...

Take the bottle

Atari-fans listen up! Here a real classic awaits you which gained a large fan community since the 80's. At "Take the bottle" you have to be faster and more agile than the enemy monsters hunting you through the maze and collect all points to advance a level. Sounds easier than it actually is, so there are some power-up "bottles" which allow you to strike back on the monsters.