Internet Solutions

Internet Solutions

Being a full service agency and specialist for interactive and digital communication we look back to a longtime professional experience. During the last years we have steadily expanded and optimized our service offer with regard to customer needs. Today we can provide you with an extended offering of interactive business- and communication solutions, which we have autonomously developed and which have proven to be successful. We do not only guarantee highest quality and an ideal utilization of technical possibilities, but also an individual consulting, which focuses your needs.

Whether you are small-, medium or large-scale enterprises you will be best possible supported. Our aim is to satisfy you. Try our clever IT-solution; we want to convince you of our services.

Portal Systems


We have developed an unique web portal system, which makes it possible besides all compilation tools to connect individual companies or members with an own individual website and which content can be related via cross publishing system.
The composition of these connected company websites can be carried out easily. Several display formats can be selected individually. Besides the advertising revenue this cooperation enables the portal provider also to finance connected companies, members or partners.
In addition, specific areas for authenticated users and user groups are also available to offer for instance a special club area with an own club member website.


Thanks to this software you have access to a comprehensive tool that can be individually customized for:


• city portals having partner- and company-pages connected
• umbrella organisations having partner- and member-pages connected
• portal for interested parties having partner- and company-pages connected
• advert communities having partner- and memberpages connected
• national portals having cities connected whereas partner- and  company-pages per city are possible aswell

All areas and content can be created dynamically and edited online. Next to plain content modules and their several display variations we are also offering special modules such as:

• offer system with bonus functions
• bannersystem
• galleries (fotos and videos)
• guestbook
• lottery games with several play modes
• greeting card system
• job exchange
• lonely hearts adverts
• contact- and feedback-functions
• menu and menu of the day
• newsletter-system
• online club
• online shop
• small advertisement market with fotos
• price list
• SMS transmission
• calendar of events

As you can already imagine the portal system is very flexible and offers a multitude of functions and utilities.
You may also rent the portal on a monthly base and avoid high one-time investment costs. Just talk to us and we will find a solution customised to your needs and demands.